All lose

Because we all lose ourselves in the desert.

And as such, I will go to the desert and die.

I leave all,

and everything will be lost.

As I. Am lost.

I have wanted, and came in vain.

I have lost, and came in vain.

Cause I wanted everything.

And got nothing.


I felt everything.

Every breath, every whisper, every whimper and every small word from your loving mouth

into my ears. Every beat of your heart. Every breath. Every second of you: I HEARD!

I heard them all.

Every thump of your heart. I felt them, all.

I heard them all.

I was a witness.

And I witnessed them all.

Witnessed. Every. Second. Of. You.

I saw you.

Damn, I miss you.

So I will go, to the desert. today.