AI loosing it.

For a second I thought that I was having a dialogue with a human. I was not. I was having a dialogue with a Netflix AI. Just read through this shit and tell me I’m wrong, Dennis.

To Netflix, I wrote:

Ok, I’ve seen discovery star trek season one and two, and I’m watching season three. I love it, but every time I open the flag for discovery, it insist that I start with episodes of season one, and not season three… It drives me cracy… like. Why do your algorithm insist that I need to start from season one, when it must know that I’m watching season three?
🙂 morten

Dennis Netflix: Thanks for contacting Netflix. This is Dennis. I’ve read your concern above. No worries, I can help you with that. To get started, can I get the email address on the account?


Netflix DennisWhat’s the name on the account please?

You: again, why havn’t your network already identified me? I write from a subscription and am online on netflix when I wrote?

Netflix DennisCan you please verify the name on the account?

wtf…. you got my mail-adress, isnt that enough? And still, I am logged in…

Netflix Dennis

One moment please, let me research your concern.


You should have that from the get-go, and it’s not a concern; it’s just a head-up that something is not working as good as it could.

Netflix Dennis;

Thank you for reporting that to us. Will take that as a feedback.

Netflix Dennis:

If may I ask what device are using right now to watch Star Trek Discovery?


Dennis, are you a real person sitting somewhere in the world, actually connecting with a customer?

Netflix Dennis
I am a real person.

Netflix Dennis:

Upon checking, there is an option to choose Season 3 immediately.


Ok, does it matter? I don’t have a problem with netflix; it works almost perfectly. I just wondered why your AI insist that I should see season 1 when I’m binging season 3.

Netflix Dennis

I am actually on my Netflix app and I was able to watch Season 3 immediately.


good for you. My question was: why doesn’t Netflix send me straight to season 3, which is what I’m watching every week….

I’ve seen season 1 long ago….

Netflix Dennis

There is no option to send you right away yo season 3, you need to choose it manualy


I know. That’s why I wrote to Customer Service. No accusation, just a complaint that every time I choose Discovery, Netflix tells me to watch season one, when I’m binging season 3 and watched season 1 long ago.

Netflix Dennis

Let me go ahead and consult one of our experts.

May I ask what device that has been affected?

just checking in – are you still with me?

This chat will be closed by the system in approximately two minutes. I want to make sure we get your questions taken care of so please let me know if you are still there.