Boomer goes Boom

I’m 52 years old. And I just bought my first skateboard in 33 years. This time around it’s electric, and it’s awesome. It’s speed is just short of 40 km/h and runs for about 22 km on a charge.

The board I chose, was made by Roadsurfing and it’s brilliant. It’s also the first longboard I’ve ever ridden.

It took a couple of weeks to get my legs and balance back, bended a few ribs in my only fall so far. When I hit the pavement I felt the pain, but the first word that came to mind was: AWESOME!
Second word was OUCH.

I can understand how I forgot to take a hit. When I was a teen, I took hits all the time, I took hurt all the time, and I didn’t even care about the bruises or the bleeding. It was just part of living.

Somehow, through 30+ years I got complacent. Few years ago, I decided I would never ever again run to catch a bus or a train. I was getting old. I am getting old.

My new skateboard revived me. Falling hard and hurting myself badly wasn’t in my MO anymore, but when I did, it was just liberating. AWESOME. I pushed the envelope on my new skateboard, because, once again, I wanted to. How narrow could I carve? How high a bump could I navigate? How fast could I go?

I drove 300 km in the first two weeks. Even rode it in the rain, just because the company told me not to. How teenage can a boomer go?

I’m using my board all day, to work, from work, and in the middle of the night, just because I wake up and want to ride.

It is silly. It is not rational. It is not adult-like behavior. And I freaking love it.