A small story, hidden within any great story

Chapter 1

In every great story, a little story is hidden within. Often, the great story is not really a great story, without the little story. This story is smaller than most other small stories hiding within greater ones.

It just starts with Mark asking a question. The tiniest of questions: When will you be home, Ma?

This morning Ma was late. Not just a little late, and she didn’t really answer the question as she should have: Like, thinking the question through before answering. So she answered, haphazardly as one does when one speaks without putting ones mind into the thinking. “Soon, son.”

It was to prove itself a falsehood. Not that Marks’ mom would be able to tell before she left, but Mark could tell later on. That’s the way with mindless promises: They end up to be much worse than just an agreement that couldn’t be fulfilled. You don’t give promises to people you don’t care about. You make promises when you care, and Mark realized his mother must not have cared that much and honestly, in that moment, she could have cared more. Instead, she mindlessly gave a promise she would never live up and that broke a heart.

It’s much to easy to break a kids heart. Maybe that’s why it happens so often.

On this particular morning, Mark didn’t much mind. He would take himself to school, as he was used to. In his mind would be this implicit idea, that ma would be there again after the day had gone. He just assumed and he didn’t even know. He was not yet old enough to realize that adults have no power over the now and here.