Chapter One

I have no truths. I never had any truth. Well, there was moments, where I had. But life destroyed any truth that I may have had. Today I have no truth.

Life is truth less. I trust you get it. Do you get it?

Naah, I don’t think that you do. ‘Cause few people get it when I ask them. And I do. Ask them. Hardly anyone gets it.

I Ask: Why are you here? You don’t know. I know.

Almost nobody can even answer the question. I have the answer to that question, and I don’t get why you’ve even not asked yourself by now:


So, come on. Apply your self. Why are you here? Really, why are you? At all? Why?

I know, and you should do too.

I know why I’m here. You don’t? Well most of you never fucking asked the fucking question: Why are you here?

So, ask your self, Why are you, at all?

And people, most of you don’t even get then question; Why are you?

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