Where are all the adults?

When I was a kid, mischief was my hobby. I broke glass, stole candy, I abhorred authority and I made it my call in life to disrupt.

Then I got older. It seemed that the adults were never there. I became a journalist, thinking that journalists fight the right fight. What I experienced was anything but the right fight. We were rewriting press releases. We were not investigative. I only once met the classic romantic idea of a journalist when I met a woman that I thoroughly underestimated.

One journalist lived up to my ideal of a journalist among hundreds of journalists I’ve met. Even I didn’t. She did. And by herself with the world against her, she won. She made a swindling litte crook out to be the swindling little crook that he was. Except he wasn’t little. He was BIG and swindled for billions. And he went down. For more than four years she chased that story while everyone said she was an idiot. She wasn’t. She was right. Dorte Toft, ladies and gentlemen.

Today, I am, by age at least, an adult. But I’m not behaving like an adult. And I can’t seem to find anyone who’s an adult, who’s not too old to do anything.

What the fuck is happening with this world? Everyone seems to be balking at each other and no one seems to want to find common ground. Common ground is the adult way. Screaming slurs at each other is 4th grade behavior and frankly, it’s embarrassing to be human in this world when ministers of state and even presidents do just that.

I get it, humans individually can be great, humanity is never better than its lowest denominator. We have found ways that can lift anyone up to a higher understanding of humans. But we have not yet found ways to make the uninformed act smarter. We are still slaves to the lowest common denominator.

Why is that?

It’s because this is not the “enlightenment”. This is not the age of getting smarter. This is the age of getting even and getting equal. But we are not all equal. We are all different. What we see now, is just that: Our realities are all real. This means there is no reality that we all live in. Our realities are different. That we forgot that or didn’t learn it in the first place, is the real crises we face.

And it is a general trend. You see it in media when common folks are suddenly experts, when Joe Nobody gets to challenge real experts and when journalists think that their opinion has no bearing at all. No one has the guts to be an adult anymore and if they have, they will be misunderstood, because the only reality that’s true in the 21st century is your truth. And yours. And yours. And mine.

So, we feel somber and true to reality when we send our feelings everywhere and don’t think about it. Come on; we’ve figured out long ago that our immediate respons to anything might not be the right response. It’s an emotional response. the right response comes after reflection. The moment when you take the entire situation, even yourself, and weigh everything, is the moment you have a real response. A response that your heart and your mind agrees on. The emotional response is always wrong. The rational response is always wrong. Only the response that match heart with mind is the right response. Right?

The enlightenment, supposed to have happened hundreds of years ago, was not an enligtenment of the public. It was an enlightenment of the few.

What we face today is the realization that most humans are dumb and asleep. We’ve come to the real test of democracy: We’ve let the stupid people out. And that’s not bad, it’s actually good. Cause now we can finally find a way for all of us to work together. We just have to align the very smart, with the very dumb. Which is actually hard, cause smart people think that dumb people are dumb people. They are not.

The smartest people I’ve met, was not from the top tier of society. The smartest people I’ve met, were people so unlikely to stand up and take a stand and fight. The people I’ve met who had the guts to try to change the world, were privileged from the birth of them. But the really smart people I’ve met, were absolutely not privileged. Because they were not privileged they thought that their thoughts were indifferent to reality. What’s happening now is that those not privileged are coming out. They are speaking out.

And us smart dudes and dudessses don’t like that. This is like #metoo: It’s a realization that we’ve lived in a bubble of lies and mischief. For thousands of years,. we’ve believed in the the gifted and the good. Now, the gifted and the good are loosing their power and what we see is humanity as we are. Stupid and ignorant, even when adults tell us what is real and what is not. Because we don’t share our reality, and because we don’t get that we don’t share it, we are at war with each other.

We need a mission for humanity that is not elitist, that will still allow our most brightest to forward humanity, while allowing the most stupid to have an influence. While still moving forward.

First, we need to realize that we don’t share reality. We don’t. We may live in a reality, but we don’t understand it like others understand it. We have our very own reality, and we need to learn that our neighbor and friend live in a different one.