No, that’s not necessarily real

Most of us just take reality for granted. We can see those other people, we feel that air blowing around us, we hear the noises around us. Surely, we experience reality.

Problem is, we don't. We don't see with our eyes and we don't hear with our ears. All the sensations we receive from any of our senses are brought together to a reality that seems whole. In our minds.

Thing is, the world you see and hear and touch is a world inside your head. You don't even have access to what your eyes are seeing or what sounds you are hearing. Way before you get access to you senses, some inputs have been chosen, and others have been deflected. That's our reality. But what if your brain get's it wrong?

It's hard to hear what your own language sounds like. Because you don't hear your language anymore. You hear the words and the words are presented to your mind; not the sounds. They've already been analyzed and recognized. We no longer experience the real world. We experience the memetic quality of those sensations presented by our brains as reality.

Having a mind makes it possible to doubt the messenger. Not many people do. But if you do doubt you brain, you will find that there's ample reason to doubt it. You brain is a lying bastard. Still, your mind is made in the brain, we think. So how do you come to peace with this dichotomy ?

When you should "hear" the sounds that I make while talking to you, you only hear the words. And the words is what your brain have analyzed my sounds to be.

We don't even hear sounds anymore. We hear memes. We see memes. We see the map. Cut off from real reality, we all live in our memetic experience. We no longer experience the real. We experience the memetic reality.

It's like the map. Do you see the map or do you see reality and if the map was made 1:1 with physcical reality, how will you know which one is real: Reality or the map?

Humans have always been involved in the map. Isn't it time we found out what is map and what is real? I think it is and a lot of people is trying to find out how to not mistake one for the other.

Sorry sir and mom, you no longer see reality. You see your memetic reality, but you think it's real.

The only conflict humanity have ever faced is the conflict of reality. Are you more real than I am? If there is a reality, one of us must be closer to it than the other, and would therefore be right.

Humanity is still caught in our animal distress or disorder. There is a higher common ground and only humanity on planet earth can make this distinction. Not that many of us do.

You reality might not be real. If it's not necessarily real, what is? And if you doubt your reality, as you should, shouldn't you be the first to tell strangers that "you might be wrong" in stead of being a troll who KNOW that they are right?

No one is right about anything. We've come to Nietzsche's reality: Some will overcome these memetic designs and transcend them

Have you? Or are you just the only god given truth in the fucking universe??

WAKE THE F... UP !!!!